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Autor Thema: T3ED Dev 3.6
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Erstellt am 18. Februar 2012 20:14 (#1) Zitat E-Mail PN
Hier ist meine T3ED Version die ich im letzten Sommer angefangen habe. Ich gehe ja nur dabei wenn ich Lust & Zeit habe. Aber im Moment macht's gerade wieder Spaß.

New in Version 0.07pre1.1*Plus Dev 3.6 (by JimDiabolo) :

- “Undo, but keep VRoad” added. The VRoad can be moved in block mode, when the track is moved. Now there a undo which brings back the track, but keeps the moved VRoad.
- Adjust road width fixed. Now you really can select the blocks which should be adjusted.
- Moving blocks without smoothing by pressing control.
- Expand - Shrink and Rotate whole blocks.
- Copy whole block to Clipboard
- Paste block as new additional block.
- Replace the currently selected block, with block from clipboard. Move and, or rotate the new block in old position.
- The “Expand / Shrink”, “Rotate”, “Shadow Raytracer”, “Add / Replace Block” & “Adjust Road Width” windows are keeping their settings for the next call.
- Polygon / extra object properties added (ALT+ENTER). If “Automatic Object Membership” is off, you can manually change the block where the object belongs to.
- Move distance can be manually entered.
- Show the refpoint position in status bar when block mode is active.
- The Block Neighbours function has now an option to connect points to near points of neighbour blocks.
- Line up x,y, (z) function for point mode added.
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Erstellt am 18. Februar 2012 21:38 (#2) Zitat E-Mail PN
danke :)

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